I want to record a riveting article by Wretchard named, “Another Satan Emerges,” chronicling Chinese reaction to radical Islamic insurgency.

I’ll add only two thoughts.  It is impossible for the Euston Manifesto crowd to persuade the Left.  For the Left is now personified by its hate and distrust for all authority.  In that world, the police is the bad guy and the criminal to be protected, business is the ultimate in immorality, and we must reserve our deepest hate for own country.  There is no turning back, no middle ground, no ability to find redeeming value.  It would precipitate a break in the foundation that brings the whole wall down.

Which brings up the second point: What percentage of Americans believe we are acting exactly as the Chinese described in Wretchards’ post?  More than 20% I should say, but hopefully less than 40%.

The remarkable Dr. Sanity has more.  So does Dr. Melissa Clouthier.