I just finished reading “Assault on Reason” by Al Gore.  Wow.

I can usually read a book in about 4 hours.  I say this because I almost couldn’t bring myself to spend the time.  The good news is that I now understand Al Gore’s argument for global warming; he’s generally living on another planet with a whole sort of alternate reality evolved from a different set of facts and history than here on earth.  That single revelation helps me rest easier, and somehow makes the 4 hours less of a waste.

Here’s a pretty good review, since I am too frustrated to write one.  I also like this one by Michael Moynihan, “Free Speech for People Who Think Like Me.”  That is half our country now.  Scares the crap out of me.

Here’s some more thoughts by Henry Miller.

Just before we head back into the Dark Ages if we start listening to nitwits like Gore, read this.

Even a lefty moon bat can’t quite swallow all of it.  The funny thing is, the whole assault on democracy thing was fine, as well as the argument that the press (?) is all controlled by the right.  You have got to be kidding.  Oh never mind.

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